Research does you good

An ongoing aesthetic drive

Verdescienza International devises and creates beauty products, focusing on the appearance and health of your skin and hair. This attitude originates from the love and care lavished by chemists on your wellbeing, the primeval and budding state of fascination. Our products stand out for their excellent properties, elaborated through constant scientific research to meet the ever increasing requests of our customers.

With this specific aim in mind, the mission of Verdescienza International laboratories is investing resources and skills on the constant research into biologically effective skin- and hair-care products. A quality service that can be purchased in pharmacies, as a guarantee of your health. Something to love and desire, like your beauty.

“Beauty does not make the beautiful happy, but those who love and desire it”

(Hermann Hesse)


Verdescienza says no to ANIMAL TESTING.

Our passion for cosmetics and high quality products has taught us how fundamental nature and its elements are in the care for our body and its balance.

SUsing experimental animals for testing purposes would deceive this essential principle, which is at the basis of our work. For this reason, the safety checks on our products are carried out on substitutive in-vitro cell cultures in our laboratories, and are followed and validated by experts. In addition to these in-vitro processes, the products’ absolute harmlessness is ensured by the perfect understanding of the raw materials in use. We select the ingredients and the elements while abiding by a criterion of respect for all living beings and constantly complying with the regulations set out by the international legislation on the matter.